We are a new opening hotel, located in the area of Carnota, in A Coruña.

Until we made the decision of reconverting the hotel, both buildings that make up the establishment were mere concrete skeletons with a ruined appearance from a stagnant construction due to the previous crisis of 2008. So, we decided to give new life to this infrastructure as a hotel with 20 rooms and a spa (opening next autumn) and a spectacular terrace from which Carnota’s very long beach can be seen.

What attracts the traveller are not only the crystal sea waters, but in total, its surroundings.

Behind us, we have Mount Pindo, also known as the Celtic Olympus, full os never ending rock formations, creating natural sculptures to the point of seeming to be made by the hands of a stone sculpture.

Finding ourselves in a place like this, we would like to return Hotel Meiga do Mar into a reference of tranquillity and relax in this area of the coast inside an incomparable natural environment where the sea and mountain come together.

And needless to say, to identity ourselves tightly with our land, we have decided to bring out the figure of the “meiga”(sorceress in galician) always so present in the Galician culture. And not just any “meiga”, but The Meiga of the Sea.

“… because we dont know if they exist, but there are there are…”

So if you feel like discovering places like the ones that surround us, you know where to find us, on the fine sand of endless beaches and in the sea foam.

For sure, you don’t want to miss it.